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OpenClinical.net knowledge publishing lifecycle

OpenClinical was established in 2001 to promote adoption of technologies which support quality and safety of patient care, and to provide tools for creating and sharing applications that comply with the highest possible technical and professional standards. It has now been reconfigured to demonstrate a completely new way of disseminating medical knowledge.

OpenClinical.org was a respected source of information about knowledge management for translational medicine and evidence-based practice. Decision support, care planning, smart care pathways and machine learning are just a few of the powerful techniques which are maturing rapidly.

OpenClinical.net is taking the next radical step, by providing tools and techniques to empower you and your organisation to share knowledge of best practice in specialist fields, create and publish applications, trial them at the point-of-care and translate new research into routine services.

Repertoire is an open access repository of applications with associated documentation and research papers. Repertoire is also an open source knowledge base for the OpenClinical community to share its applications and adapt them for local conditions.

OpenClinical launched in alpha in 2015


"... society’s growing ability to mobilise knowledge from different fields and sources is beginning to show the potential of a ‘knowledge commons’ in healthcare: an open system of knowledge with researchers, clinicians, patients, their families and communities all involved in capturing, refining and utilising a common body of knowledge in real time" NESTA report, 2013