Colorectal cancer adjuvant chemotherapy decision tool (legacy)

Description: Colorectal cancer adjuvant chemotherapy decision tool

Publet Introduction:
Guideline objectives

To provide individualised risk prognostication in the postoperative chemotherapy treatment of Dukes B stage patients with bowel cancer. 

Target setting Hospital-based cancer care
Target users Cancer specialists
  • Author: Ioannis Chronakis
  • Release date:
  • Status: Draft - Under Review
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Safety case

The system’s knowledge base uses the most recent guidelines and textbooks and expert interpretation of the current knowledge regarding the value of adjuvant chemotherapy in Dukes B stage patients. It also uses literature from the fields of risk representation and communication, informed decision making, risk/benefit calculation models, colorectal cancer datasets. Links have also been developed with ALMAC Diagnostics to access and make use of its latest gene expression profiling test results.