Create an application and publish it on Repertoire aims to a build a community of authors and empower them to develop and share knowledge-based apps using proven modelling methods and tools. The tools provide a complete set of services by means of which individuals and groups can create and test their apps, and then upload them for publication on Repertoire.

If you think you have specialist knowledge that could be the basis of a practical and useful application that would assist others follow good practice in your area then you may well be able to create and share your knowledge through the project.The basic process requires you to install the OpenClinical authoring suite, and then design and test your application, and upload it to when it is ready. currently supports  

  • Tallis application development and deployment software (version 1.7.2 supplied by Deontics Ltd. for non-commercial use)
  • Documentation and training materials
  • Uploading applications to be peer reviewed for publication on Repertoire, the OpenClinical repository
  • Open access publication of accepted applications (there may be a charge for publication depending on the author's service requirements)
  • Downloading applications from Repertoire to permit members of the community to reuse and adapt published applications (subject to original author agreement and other intellectual property constraints to be agreed by the Community).

Your CV

Contributors to OpenClinical Repertoire are also invited to submit a research paper or technical report about their application for publication in the open access journal Point of Care. The journal will be run as a conventional peer reviewed, open access journal aimed at a wide clinical, technical and general audience.