Download a publet and adapt it for local use

Publet source code can be downloaded from the OpenClinical repository

When a publet is accepted for inclusion in the OpenClinical repository the PROforma source code is stored for archival and curation purposes. The author of the publet retains copyright on this source, but if s/he has indicated that the source can be shared according to one of the licencing models spported by OpenClinical then community members are permitted to download the source to extract or modify the content.

 The Tallis authoring system can read the downloaded PROforma code and this can then be modified to address objectives that may be different from the original author's goals, while having the benefit of being able to reuse the decision and workflow models created in the application. This facility is intended to avoid the requirement that "one size fits all" and makes it possible to

  1. Adapt a publet to address constraints or policies which are specific to particular local circumstances and which may not have been considered by the original author;
  2. Republish the adapted version for other authors to adapt further. This process may be repeated indefinitely, making it possible to have a range of variants of the original publet, reflecting the diversity of clinical circumstances in practical healthcare in different institutions, countries, medical sectors etc. 

This creates a requirement for effective version management facilities as part of the Repertoire knowledge management infrastructure. At this point we are not able to offer version control but hope to identify partners from the OpenClinical community who wish to asist in developing them.