Triple Assessment Guideline (Tabbed version)

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Publet Introduction:
Guideline objectives

The application includes decision support for four areas crucial to the evaluation of a patient attending a triple assessment clinic (for more information see the original triple assessment guideline). This application uses separate plans that are all active concurrently (a different implementation to the original triple assessment workflow which requires tasks to be completed sequentially).

Target setting Secondary care
Target users Breast nurse practitioners, breast surgeons, breast radiologist
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  • Release date: 13-02-2013 9:16:00
  • Status: Draft - Under Review
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Safety case
  • NICE (Familial Breast Cancer guidelines);
  • BASO (Management of symptomatic breast disease in the UK, 1998);
  • NCCN (Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis);
  • SIGN (Breast Cancer in Women);
  • ACR (Appropriate imaging work-up of palpable breast masses; Appropriate imaging work-up of breast microcalcifications; Performance of diagnostic mammography; Performance of a breast ultrasound examination);
  • ASCO (Breast cancer surveillance, 1998);
  • NHSBSP (Breast cancer screening assessment;
  • Non-operative diagnostic procedures and reporting in breast cancer screening