Management of dyspepsia in primary care (1997)

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Description: An experimental system for advising general practitioners on the management of patients presenting with upper GI pain or "dyspepsia" (1997). Designed by Dr. Peter Wilson a London GP working with Paul Ferguson (North End Medical Centre)

Publet Introduction:
Guideline objectives
  • Detection of early indications of serious disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of non-serious conditions
  • Referral of patient to specialist services if necessary
Target setting Patients presenting with dyspepsia in primary care
Target users General practitioners
Provenance 7.No provenance has been assigned (default value)
  • Author: Dr. Peter Wilson with technical assistance by Paul Ferguson (North End Medical Centre, London)
  • Release date:
  • Status: Draft - Under Review
  • History: First version of protocol
Safety case None developed