Depression in primary care

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Description: Diagnosis and management of Depression in Primary Care

Publet Introduction:

The publet was developed some years ago for the assessment of severity of depressive symptoms in primary care and decision about referral to specialist services. It was originally developed c. 1998 by Dr. Peter Wilson and colleagues of North End Medical Centre in London, UK drawing on best practice that was accepted at the time and the experience of NEMC practitioners. 

It has not been significantly updated since the original implementation and should not be used for any advisory or clinical purpose.   

The present standard of care for depressed adults in the UK is a clinical guideline published by the National Institute of Healthcare and Clinical Excellence: Depression in adults: The treatment and management of depression in adults (guideline CG90, 2012) and the associated NICEpathway and quality standard (QS8). 

Guideline objectives

1. To recognise depression in primary care.

2. To manage mild, moderate and severe depression within primary care within a structured framework.

Target setting Primary Care
Target users General physicians and specialist nurses
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  • Author: Dr. P Wilson, North End Medical Centre, London
  • Release date:
  • Status: Draft - Under Review
  • History: Editted on 19/6/2013
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Recent publications to be consullted in reviewing this application

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