Point of Care

A conventional open access, peer-reviewed journal linked to the OpenClinical repository

As well as disseminating best practice in the form of executable clinical guidelines a key function of OpenClinical is to ensure that this content is adequately documented and described in a form that interested parties can understand the what, why and how of the applications that have been published on Repertoire (the OpenClinical repository). Contributing authors will often want to be confident that their efforts are properly recognised and that the applications they develop can be cited in the open literature and findable by search engines. OpenClinical is therefore in discussion with an established medical publisher with a view to setting up an open access journal on behalf of the OpenClinical community. The journal, provisionally called Point of Care, will be fully citable and all of its contents will be accessible whether or not the user is a registered member of the OpenClinical community.

The organisation and format of the journal are in discussion but categories of articles are likely to include: 

  • Research reports and presentations linked to publets on OpenClinical Repertoire 
  • Results of trials of Repertoire applications; independent evaluations will be particularly welcome.
  • Commentaries and discussions of any aspect of the OpenClinical project  
  • Other forms of article can be discussed with the editor. 

Point of care's primary function will be to carry research results and discussion for the OpenClinical community, but it will also be a conventional open access journal which will consider relevant articles which are not linked directly to Repertoire applications.  

Point of Care Editor   

John Fox, University of Oxford (pro tem)

Point of Care Editorial Board

  To be announced