The lifecycle provides software for members of the OpenClinical community to create and share knowledge for patient care, as discussed at Medinfo 2010 and many other venues. Use the menu on the left to explore the key ideas behind and the Demonstrations tab above to see some simple examples of the kinds of applications you can build using the OpenClinical method. The Repertoire tab accesses the current repository of applications. knowledge publishing lifecycleThe OpenClinical tools support the development lifecycle shown here. Members of can download the Tallis software provided by Deontics Ltd., and use it to build and test applications. When an application is ready you can submit it to Repertoire the OpenClinical repository.

OpenClinical applications are called "publets" (contraction of publication and applet). Publets are open access, open source and are published with short, fully citable articles in OpenClinical's journal Point of Care

When a publet is accepted on Repertoire other members of can download it and adapt it for their own organisations and purposes. Non-members can access the Point of Care article but only registered members of the OpenClinical network can download the source. 

A comprehensive manual for the OpenClinical method is in preparation and will be available shortly.


"Publets: Clinical Judgement on the WebProc AMIA 2001