Submit your app for publication on OpenClinical

The publication process is in two stages.

  1. First the application is submitted electronically to the OpenClinical repository through the Tallis Composer. To do this you will need to log into your account on the repository using your credentials, and then save your application with an appropriate filename (letters/numbers only, avoid using spaces or other characters but you can use _ for formatting).
  2. This process requires completion of an electronic form to provide documentation which will be published with the application and from where file uploading is carried out. Authors are also requested to provide test data against which the application has been validated. The publet will then be reviewed by specialist reviewers and if it is recommended for inclusion on Repertoire it will be added and indexed on the repository for OpenClinical members to access and evaluate.


Contributors are also invited to submit a paper about their application for publication in the open access Point of Care journal.