STIK Tool : Soft Tissue Injury to the Knee

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Description: This guideline is based on ACC Knee Injury guidelines as accessed in December 2013 and is intended to demonstrate the use of the OpenClinical platform for the multi-disciplinary care of skeletal injuries

Publet Introduction:

This is a translation of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) New Zealand Guideline for Soft Tissue Injury of the Knee, into an OpenClinical format. This pathway addresses the early assessment, investigation and management of soft-tissue injuries of the knee. The source guideline is an evidence based and consensus based document developed by the New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG) and published by ACC (ACC1332, 2003).

This work has not been peer reviewed, nor authorised or approved by ACC but should be considered proof-of-concept for translation of the clinical practice guideline into computer interpretable format.

Prepared by Dr Marc Gutenstein FACEM, Consultant Emergency Physician (New Zealand & UK)

Guideline objectives

Multidisciplinary assessment, investigation and management of soft tissue injuries of the knee

Target setting Emergency Medicine
Target users Clinical Team

The purpose of the ACC guideline is to provide the best evidence currently available to assist consumers, primary and secondary care providers in making informed decisions about the diagnosis and management of people with acute soft tissue injuries of the knee. The ACC guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary team of practitioners and consumers under the auspices of the New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG) and project managed by Effective Practice, Informatics and Quality Improvement (EPIQ).

This OpenClinical translation of the guideline demonstrates the use of the platform in a multidisciplinary environment

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  • Author: M Gutenstein
  • Release date: 2014-02-21
  • Status: Draft - Under Review
  • History: Edited on 25/1/2014
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ACC1332 Knee Injury Guidelines, New Zealand 


The Management of Soft Tissue Knee Injuries: Internal Derangements