Tallis authoring suite for decisions, plans and task networks

Tallis Composer: design, develop and deploy your apps

Tallis is a suite of software tools to support authoring, publishing and enacting many different kinds of decision-making and careflow models over the web. We call these applications "publets", a contraction of publications and applets. Publets can be designed to model useful fragments of clinical expertise such as patient history taking, risk assessment and decision making, physician order entry and smart workflow management, or complete models like treatment protocols and care pathways for specific clinical settings. 

The Tallis suite consists of a suite of software that supports the whole process of authoring, testing and deploying publets using a web browser.  

  • Composer - a local desktop application providing a visual programming method for modelling decisions, workflows, clinical guidelines etc (see example screenshot).  
  • Tester - a local desktop application for testing publets which comes bundled with Composer.
  • Solo (Tallis Web Enactment) a web application for enacting your application which is compatible with most browsers.

Tallis version 1.7 is available for use by OpenClinical members for research purposes at no charge.  

Tallis can be downloaded by registered members of OpenClinical.net in order to build, publish and share publets under an agreement between OpenClinical, Oxford University and Deontics Ltd. The main conditions are as follows but the full terms and conditions are here.

  • Tallis version 1.7.x is provided by OpenClinical at no charge for registered members to develop, test and demonstrate publets (OpenClinical will seek to fix bugs and support users as resources allow).
  • Publets will be stored on the OpenClinical repository Repertoire and enacted by means of the OpenClinical player Solo. There are also no charges for these services.
  • Clinical data captured during enactment of a trial will not be persisted on Repertoire but can be stored on the users's own filespace (we plan to offer data management services for this)
  • The free Tallis licence covers the following uses:

- Non-clinical testing and public demonstrations of the publet

- Clinical evaluation or trial of the publet; authors and collaborators must obtain normal ethical approvals and are liable for safe use.

- Routine clinical use by the author within his/her own organisation, by a limited number of colleagues and/or patients. 

- Large scale or commercial use is possible but when this is being considered authors must obtain an appropriate licence for this from Deontics.

  • The PROforma source of a publet can also be downloaded by members to adapt it for their own purposes if the author has permitted such reuse.