Publishing on OpenClinical

"...a knowledge commons is defined by the principle that knowledge is a shared resource made accessible and intentionally open – rather than subject to ever greater restrictions through intellectual property legislation, patenting and licensing. The concept has developed ... as digital platforms offer unprecedented access to information through the Internet and the tools to create and share knowledge openly online." NESTA report, 2013

Effective dissemination of clinical research findings is key to continuing improvement in modern medical services. If clinicians cannot keep abreast of developments, they cannot deliver the best possible care, and cannot feed-back their experience into new research. However, it is already impossible for clinicians to cope with the vast amount of medical research being published, a situation which can only get worse as the science base continues to grow inexorably. 

The medical informatics community has developed a way of addressing the dissemination problem. In this solution, computers actively support clinical decision-making and treatment planning at the point of care, providing advice that is specific to individual patients together with the rationale and research evidence for this advice. A convincing body of published data shows that decision support systems improve practice and contribute to patient safety and improved use of resources.

The primary questions now are not “do they work?” but rather, can we deliver the right services at the right time where they are needed? And can we feed-back clinical experience into research on better practice and better treatments?

OpenClinical Repertoire is an application repository which will evolve into a knowledge commons. All members of the community will have the tools to create and validate applications and submit them for peer review and publication on Repertoire. Their work will be described and recognised through the open access journal Point of Care