We are developing a licencing framework so that OpenClinical members can make their publets available for others to test, evaluate and use

Here are a number of illustrative options

  1. Personal use licence: Only the author can run or download and modify the publet. This is the default publication mode and there is no charge for this service at any time.
  2. Group use licence: Specific individuals are nominated to use the application for specific periods of time (e.g. a clinician may publish the application for use by colleagues in a specific clinic or practice).  
  3. Institutional licence: The author may wish to make an application available to unnamed individuals who are members of an institution or organization. OpenClinical will support the service on behalf of the organization for a charge reflecting the expected or actual use of the application and any other services it requires (e.g. database services).
  4. Open licence: The author can make the application accessible without restriction via the world wide web but are subject to OpenClinical quality control and community review. An open licence is subject to a charge to cover the costs of providing the service.

Open licences can be

  • Unrestricted, for anyone to use or download without charge
  • Restricted, for anyone to use but not download the source content from Repertoire
  • Royalty bearing, for general use and/or adaptation with a royalty paid to the author and/or other agreed stakeholders.