Hosting services aims to facilitate testing and trials of applications as part of the peer review process and as a means for the community to carry out open assessment and consensus building about the practical value of an application 

We anticipate that we will offer a number of hosting services to meet the requirements of authors. However, the details of these services are presently out for discussion. We would warmly welcome all proposals and opinions with respect to this key topic (please write to 

  • Basic hosting. When any publet has been installed on the OpenClinical repository it can be enacted by anyone who visits the site. However the enactment will not record any data captured by the publet during this basic kind of use.
  • Full hosting. An application can be installed with an associated secure database to record data captured by the publet to permit a user to store and recall cases. There will be a modest charge for this service.
  • Trial hosting. If an application author or a member of the OpenClinical community who is nominated by the author wishes to run a trial of an application or service it can be installed with an associated secure database to record any data captured by the publet together with additional services (e.g. eligibility and consent checks, randomisation). The precise requirements of the trial hosting service have not yet been agreed yet but we hope to make this capability available as soon as possible.


At this time only supports research and trials, not routine clinical use.

The IP arrangements for making a publet open source are under discussion within the project team.