Familial risk assessment (legacy)

Description: Guideline for recording family history of breast and ovarian cancer and assessment of genetic risk

Publet Introduction:

The NICE clinical guideline on familial breast cancer covers the care of adult women who may be at increased risk of developing breast cancer because of a family history of breast or other cancers.

Guideline objectives
  • To classify women with family history into three risk categories
  • To recommend appropriate referral and risk management options for each category
  • To recommend appropriate surveillance options
  • To identify women suitable for recruiting in national clinical research trials
Target setting Family history clinic
Target users Breast clinicians
  • Risk assessment
  • Referral
  • Radiographic surveillance
  • Risk management options
Provenance IRC Cancer Research UK
  • Author: Vivek Patkar
  • Release date: 14-11-2007 21:59:00
  • Status: Draft - Under Development
  • History: No prior revisions
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