Prevention of Cerebrovascular Events (legacy)

Description: Demonstration of decision support and workflow on stroke care pathway.

Publet Introduction:

This software is a demonstration of how decision support technology may be able to assist in the management of stroke patients. It is based on chapter 5 of the National Guidleline for stroke (3rd Edition) developed by the Royal College of Physicians.

Guideline objectives

To model the secondary prevention section of the national clinical guideline for stroke (Royal College of Physicians) to eventually enhance secondary care decisions in a clinical setting.

Target setting Hospital care, discharge and home care
Target users Clinicians; stabilized patients

Selection of lipid lowering treatment, hypertension treatment anticoagulant & anti-platelet treatment, carotid stenosis interventions. Evaluation of lifestyle and guidance for women’s issues. NIH Stroke Scale may also be completed.

Provenance University of Oxford
  • Author: Anick Labadie
  • Release date: 01-11-2009 1:22:00
  • Status: Draft - Under Development
  • History:
Safety case

The publet is based on a fragment from the BMJ Publishing's Clinical Evidence on the management of acute myocardial infarction

National clinical guideline for stroke, Third edition. Secondary prevention section.