Content we aim to publish on

The content that we are able to publish on Repertoire is currently limited to a mixture of computer executable knowledge that includes rules, decision models, workflows and so forth, together with human readable documentation and Point of Care articles. The Tallis toolset that presently provides to its members is currently limited to defining knowledge content in PROforma but it is anticipated that additional types of machine interpretable content will be supported in response to community demands and future technical developments.

Among the formats we would like to be able to support through are

  • Data standards, terminology and ontology content (e.g. SNOMED CT, RDF, OWL)
  • Rule sets and logic databases (e.g. Arden Syntax, GELLO, Prolog, SPARQL, OWL, AIF)
  • Logic based decision models (e.g. ASBRU, GLIF, PROforma)
  • Statistical inference models (e.g. XBN)
  • Task, process and workflow models (e.g. ASBRU, EON, GLIF, PROforma)
  • Document models (e.g. CDA, GEM)

Requirements for any decision to publish material is that (a) the content is defined in a format that is either a de facto standard or (b) is used and advocated by a number of members of the OpenClinical community, (c) has a set of associated software tools for creating content that complies with the standard, and (d) there is an existing capability for, or practical prospect of, interoperability between this content and publets already published on 

We do not currently expect to publish conventional human readable material as such (text, pdf, xml etc) except the articles which have been accepted for publication in our Point of Care research journal. As the publishing model evolves we expect that these articles will increasingly resemble traditional research reports, commentaries and reviews which add value to the machine readable content published on Repertoire.