OpenClinical collaborators and partners are developing an open access and open source repository of “enactable” guidance. Unlike conventional sources of guidance such as clinical or social care guidelines, we provide a library of  practical clinical and care mini-apps. You can execute these apps. They demonstrate OpenClinical’s way of providing patient-case specific advice and services, unlocking the full value of traditional reference sources.

The central goal of the OpenClinical project is to empower individuals and organisations to create and publish high quality applications in health and social care. Library will be a public resource to help people share their expertise and knowledge of best practice in order to actively ensure quality and safety during a process of care. 

Registered members can “enact” a Library application for research and other non-commercial purposes. With certain restrictions members can also download the app and create an adapted version suitable for their local requirements.

During the launch phase of all Library applications must be viewed as suitable for research and evaluation purposes only. They must not be used in any role that could affect someone’s care and we take no responsibility for such use.

If you wish to use or adapt an application for your own purposes contact