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Openclinical is a social enterprise. It supports itself through a mixture of philanthropy and project work. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in any of the following activities:


We have plans which need support to further develop our platform and community.

Funded projects

If you wish to explore using our platform in your area, then please do get in touch. Our recent projects are in the areas of Covid-19 patient journey support, diabetes pathways and veterinary medicine.

Collaborative ventures

OC benefits from business support from professional advisers including the team at Oxford University Innovation. We have flexible business models, ranging from production services and licencing to joint ventures. We’re always open to new ideas for collaboration.

Investment with RoI

OC is a UK Community Interest Company to maintain essential independence in our core activities. However, Investment opportunities that benefit our mission are under discussion with publishing and other established companies including small and medium size enterprises.

OPENCLINICAL C.I.C. is a registered UK Community Interest Company (Company number 09809042)

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