Early Referral voice application (DIVA)

Description: This application demonstrates a telephone consultation between a general practitioner (actor) and a software "agent" that has specialist knowledge of NICE criteria for urgent referral of patients with suspected cancer.

Publet Introduction:

This application illustrates the use of PROforma technology
in a “remote consultation”. In the demonstration scenario, a clinician is
seeking advice on whether a woman with suspected breast cancer should be
urgently referr
ed to a specialist oncologist or not. Essentially the system
takes a clinical history, then analyses the information about the patient
and then recommends the appropriate action.

The system is accessed by
telephone, microphone or multi-modal browser. The demo
nstration illustrates
a number of natural conversational features (e.g. accepting information in
response to questions or volunteered, interpreting “non-standard” terms,
giving explanations on request and so on).

An old version of the application was originally developed by Martin Beveridge and colleagues in the EU HOMEY project and is illustrated in a video in which Martin plays the role of a GP. Click on the still above to download and run the video, or access a version on YouTube.

Guideline Objectives
Target SettingPrimary Care
Target Users
  • Author
  • Release Date 05/08/2014
ProvenanceProof of concept only
Safety CaseNone Supplied



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[Paper – Cancer Research UK]


Department of Health. Referral guidelines for suspected
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