Augmentation of treatment for patients with hypertension

Description: This guidance suggests possible augmentation of the basic treatment of patients with hypertension because of current co-morbiidities

Publet Introduction:

Approximately 50 million people have hypertension. Many agents with differing efficacy, side effects, dosing schedules, and costs are available to treat hypertension. Joint National Committee (JNC) guidelines attempt to simplify this decision by recommending specific agents based on special considerations such as comorbidities.

Patients who are currently being treated for hypertension frequently also suffer from co-morbidities that require additional concurrent treatments.

This guidance makes suggestions for additional medications for the following concurrent conditions: Asthma, COPD, Heart failure, Isolated systolic hypertension, Myocardial infarction, Pregnancy, Proteinuria, STD Heart Block, Systolic dysfunction, Type 1 diabetes

The publet was developed some years ago and has not been significantly updated since the original implementation and should not be used for any advisory or clinical purpose.

Guideline Objectives

Management of patients with hypertension and one or more co-morbid conditions

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Management of patients with hypertension and one or more co-morbid conditions

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