Assessment of hypertension by pharmacist

Description: An experimental application for exploring the use of decision support by pharmacists. The application assesses the patient history, blood pressure and other parameters and recommends appropriate action including specialist consultations.

Publet Introduction:

The app was developed as an experimental decision support system to explore the possibilty of supporting ePrescribing by qualified pharmacists. The aim was to run a trial with a group of collaborating “high street” pharmacists but lack of funding meant the trial was never carried out. This is still an interesting research question and proposals for further development and trial would be of interest to the OpenClinical team.

The original application was developed in 2006. The clinical concept and guidance model were designed by Ken Earle MD, an endocrinologist (St. George’s Hospital, London) and the application was implemented using the OpenClinical development platform Tallis by David Sutton PhD (Oxford Brookes University). The project was coordinated and managed by Paul Taylor PhD (University College London).

The publetĀ has not been significantly updated since the original implementation and should not be used for any advisory or clinical purpose.

Guideline Objectives

An experimental decision support system for ePrescribing by pharmacists.

Target SettingPharmacy
Target Users
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  • Release Date 30/11/2006

An experimental decision support system for ePrescribing by pharmacists.

Safety Case

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