Collaborating groups (under development)

LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Mendeley and other professional networking tools are important for maintaining awareness of current developments, monitoring who is doing what in our fields, and achieving visibility for our own contributions. These platforms offer many functions, and are still evolving, but they clearly point the way to how science and engineering are going to achieve more effective dissemination of new knowledge and practice in the future, and promote more effective interactions between academia, industry, public policy organisations, and so on. aims to bring these kinds of benefits to the world of medical research and clinical practice, to encourage collaboration and consensus building and promote compliance with best practice within and across clinical specialties.

R&D groups

This chapter gives views of applications that have been created and published on Repertoire by a single research or development team.

Consensus groups (under discussion)

This section of Repertoire will support individuals and organisations in developing and publishing consensus models of care for specific clinical problems and interventions