Cardiac Track Application

Description: This application is created to help track patient's blood pressure levels and medication. Created by Michael Fedosiuk , Henry Fletcher , Emma Saragossi & Jeffrey Yu.

Publet Introduction:

There has been a steep rise in the development of software and applications aimed at both patients and doctors alike to aid treatment and diagnosis. Software has been developed to help free up time pressured GP’s by condensing the vast and rapidly increasing quantities of medical research literature and through the telemonitoring of patients. The project was linked with OpenClinical and the goal was to build an intelligent software application which would aid either the treatment or diagnosis of medical conditions. 

“Cardiac Track” is an integrated solution for long-term monitoring and supporting the management of hypertension. It consists of two applications that work in tandem, one for the doctor and one for the patient. The latter requires the patient to measure their own blood pressure (BP) at home each day and then enter this reading into the application on a smartphone (see interface on right). If the patients BP reading breaches the level which is deemed safe, set by the doctor’s application, both patient and doctor are alerted. (The patient is prompted to make an appointment, with their doctor’s contact details.) The second application can be used by the doctor to track how the patient’s BP is changing over time, check the uncertainty of the data that the patient has recorded and prescribe a new antihypertensive medication if needed.  

The aim is to provide up to date information and treatment for a patient’s hypertensive condition, and hence reduce the prevalence of uncontrolled hypertension and the associated conditions of stroke and ischemic heart disease. The prototype application was built using HTML, CSS, PHP and OpenClinical’s Tallis software.

Guideline Objectives
Target SettingHome care, Primary care
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Engineering Science, University of Oxford


Patient Application
Doctor Application
PDF project Report

Doctor’s Portal Login Details: 

Username: 2
Password: test

Example patient Login Details: 

Username: tom
Password: demo

Provenance1. A successful randomised trial of the application has been carried out
Safety CaseNone available
[1] Thomson, R. (2014). OpenClinical: knowledge management technologies for healthcare. [online]
Available at: url [Accessed 2 May. 2014].